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The Purpose of Yoga: Finding Yourself

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Some people claim to find themselves after practicing Yoga faithfully - but how can this be? Yoga is an art of living. In fact, Yoga is a 5,000 year old archive of solutions for the many forms of suffering, which plague mankind.

What causes most of mankind’s suffering? A lack of “something” can cause suffering. Which is worse: Lack of food, lack of water, lack of a job, or lack of good health? All of them are bad, and some of these situations are potentially fatal.

We now know that lack of something critical can cause serious suffering. Lack of oxygen will shorten our lives in minutes.

Many people blame lack of money for all of their suffering. If they had a million dollars, then they would be able to enjoy their family and their life.

Yet, most of the world’s rich and famous do not really seem to be living in a state of bliss. For them, money and power can be the source of their suffering. True intentions in business, relationships, marriages, and friendships, can be murky when money and power are at stake.

However, lack of thought is a common thread in many types of suffering. If you fall into a lake, with water over your head, and think you are finished - you will be. If you think losing your job is the end of the world - it might be. The real problem is not having a solution to the problem at hand.

It is also very difficult to come up with solutions to problems, without the proper training. Yet, Yoga trains your mind and body for logical thinking in a variety of critical situations.

If you are able to handle any situation that “comes your way,” your mind and body have been trained, conditioned, and prepared, for most of what life has to offer. It is not a coincidence when someone responds to a stressful situation with logical solutions and answers.

Being able to react to problems, with solutions, will also help you find that a problem could be the gateway to a better life. How is that possible?

Here is just one example: Mary has a “dead end job.” She has worked for her company for three years. She never gets a raise. She shows up to work on time, every day, never takes time off, and she works overtime, when she is asked.

Mary is ethical, honest, respected by her fellow workers, and has positive suggestions, but management does not care, and they have promoted less qualified people “over her head.”
She has many choices, even if she does not see them. She could wait for her wage to go up. She could also wait for recognition. She could wait for an opening in another department. Do you believe Mary will be rewarded by waiting?

Based on the company’s performance, it is highly unlikely that Mary will ever be promoted, appreciated, noticed, or rewarded. Mary’s best solution might be to work at another company, which will appreciate her skills and work ethic - or work for herself.

This solution may seem logical to you and I, but for Mary, this is a “great leap forward.” Unless her mind is conditioned, she will stay at her present job, hoping for success, but receiving only frustration and regret.

In truth, Mary will benefit from a Yoga class, where she will find self-worth, confidence, and build a better self-image. Yoga practice will create a true self-realization of her value at work, in life, and at home.

Mary decides to react to this situation, with a logical solution, and finding the right job, results in a 15% to 70% wage increase at a company, which appreciates her skills and character.
She saw going into business as too risky, but Mary is finding herself, and her family will benefit as a result of her solution.

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Juls said...

Thanks Paul, yesterday i celebrated my 47th birthday...I inbeen practicing yoga for about 4 years now. I wanted to ask you...i have been permanently disabled since 1995..due to severe neck injury. I have wanted to bring yoga to the disabled i see so much pain...but no one will let me attend their sessions to get certified...(insurance liability) .Yoga is the reason i even have a life without all the meds. Any thoughts..thanks

Paul said...

Hi Juls,

Whoever refused you from their Yoga teacher training program is morally wrong, and possibly breaking the law.

You have every right to learn how to teach Yoga to the disabled or anyone else.

If you are in New England, you may want to contact me for our on-site Yoga teacher training. I would be happy to have you in my program.

If we are too far away, we have a chair Yoga course, which is on sale.

Have a nice week.

All the Best.



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parvezbdjsr said...

Yoga is an art of living. Yoga trains our mind and body for logical thinking in a variety of critical situations. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.