Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Using Yoga To Make Children Happy

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By Faye Martins

Everyone wants their children to be happy and healthy; it’s a parent’s top desire and researchers now show this can be done through yoga training. Yoga has been used for centuries to help people find their center and to calm themselves.

Yoga has actually been known to increase the overall quality of life. Professionals are now realizing that this type of deep relaxation is an untapped resource and it can be a powerful tool for children. Typically, yoga has been something that has been enjoyed by adults, but now the benefits of using it for those of school ages are becoming apparent. It is during the formative years that yoga has shown to have the best benefits. Its benefits build self-awareness and also allows children to strengthen their bodies and develop their minds. Although not thoroughly noted, children experience just as much stress and aggravation in their daily lives as adults do.

Children are mostly interested in having a good time and playing. Fun and games is what it is all about. While instructing adult classes in Hatha yoga is more serious in nature, children learn and relax best through fun mental and physical exercises. For a child their mental alertness is key and this form of recreation is something that they can utilize both in school and at home.

Parents that have put their children into yoga classes have found that their children’s self-discipline levels increase as well as their ability to calm themselves in stressful situations. The benefits seem from practicing yoga can also be observed through other sports, like martial arts. Parents with children who are easily stressed and require high maintenance are finding that by enrolling them in yoga classes reduces a parent's stress load.

Yoga training is a practice that must be observed on a constant basis to be of value. Some find that doing a short yoga session, with the children before school, will help to release tensions, anxieties, and mental fog from the night before. Children will learn to calmly inhale and exhale during hectic times, which allows them to lower their stress levels. Children learn valuable stress and anxiety reducing skills that can be utilized all through life. Yoga doesn’t have to demand a long period of time, just 15-20 minutes is all it takes to reduce stress and induce happiness.

One of the biggest hurdles for children during their formative years is trouble getting to sleep. This can be anything from worrying about bedwetting to anxiety at night due to the darkness. Yoga can release the anxieties and allow for a peaceful night’s sleep. A child that has less stress is happier and healthier.

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Children learn valuable stress and anxiety reducing skills through yoga that can be utilized all through life. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.