Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yoga Teacher Tips to Keep Student Interest

during your yoga classes
By Bhavan Kumar

If you are a yoga teacher, then it is essential to keep students interested in enrolling in classes several times a week. Students who feel bored by their instructor or the classroom environment may decide to take classes from a different teacher, leading to a loss of income for a yoga business.

One: Change Yoga Pose Routines

When you use the same yoga pose routines each session, your students have no reason to come to a class because they could do the same routine at home. Switch it up by doing some movements in a different order or trying a new type of pose to keep your students enthused.

Two: Rearrange the Classroom

Do you always stand in the same place in the classroom while teaching students? Move to each side of a room to create a new environment or stand in the middle of the classroom with students placed around you instead. Change the positions of floor mats too so that your students have a new perspective while working on their poses.

Three: Music during Yoga

Have you tried using music during your yoga classes? Music can change the way your students feel about yoga by creating energy or relaxation. Some students will enjoy the rhythm from music while attempting a new pose. You can choose music with or without words in styles that include classical, jazz or country.

Four: Adjust the Classroom’s Temperature

Changing the temperature of a classroom can affect your student’s muscles and joints while they perform yoga movements and poses. Specialized yoga classes that take place in hot rooms are designed to increase the body’s heart rate to improve the cardiovascular system. Alternatively, completing a yoga routine in a cold classroom is an excellent way to burn more calories to lose weight.

Five: Use Aromatherapy during Classes

To change your students’ moods during a yoga session, burn aromatic candles or essential oils. There are floral, citrus and herbal fragrances available such as peppermint, lavender or orange that can make students feel less stress or more energy while they practice poses and movements.

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Cherry Hope Gonzaga said...

Keep the class lively change the routines so the students will not get bored after some time.

parvezbdjsr said...

Thanks for sharing this valuable guideline for yoga teacher, These tips are really very useful.

peter f said...

These tips will show them you're taking interest in them and you care they showed up.