Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Practice Yoga With Pets?

why practice yoga with pets
By Sangeetha Saran, CYT 500

Are there any benefits for humans and their pets practicing yoga together? Is pet yoga just a fly-by-night fad for people in search of the latest thing? Are yoga and meditation good for pets and humans together?

Combine Your Daily Yoga Practice with Pet Exercise

If you have a pet, then it is easy to combine your asana practice with animal exercise at home or in a specialized class that includes cats or dogs. After you return home from work, you may want to use yoga movements to relax, but if your dog needs a walk, then there is not much time left for a routine. Fortunately, there are experts who have designed yogic methods that are good for pets and people.

Create a Pet-friendly Yoga Routine to Use At Home

When your dog or cat has been home alone all day, it may also feel stressed due to the lack of physical activity. You might arrive home to find that your dog has been barking all day, or perhaps, your cat has sat by the window looking out until you return. Some animals display hostility after being alone for many hours, but you can bond with a cat or dog with a specialized yoga routine.

Incorporate Your Pets Into Your Yogic Practices

You might think that performing yoga sequences with a pet is not possible because animals cannot get into most of the positions, but the secret is that you can incorporate a cat or animal into a yoga routine. For instance, if you are sitting in a lotus pose, then you can place a small dog or cat in your lap, and while you are meditating, your pet will also become calmer and more relaxed.

Yogic Methodology Can Help an Animal Relax

If you have had a pet for several years, then it will notice when you are angry. Some dogs or cats will cuddle up to you when you are having a difficult day, but other pets will begin to act out by becoming more anxious or destructive. With the right types of yoga postures, a pet that avoids being held may relax and permit more hugs and pats. Sometimes, asana practice or meditation attracts your pet to calmly sit beside you and tune in.

Join a Class That Includes Yogic Methodology With Pets

As a pet owner, you might avoid participating in yoga classes because it requires leaving your cat or dog home alone again, but you can find a teacher who teaches classes that include pets. In many cases, these classes take place at local parks, making it easy to enjoy learning new asana postures and movements while also providing essential exercise for a pet.

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