Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yoga Fundamentals: The Seven Chakras

By Shumam Fasi

In Sanskrit the word chakra means spinning wheel representing the seven spinal energy centers. The chakras correspond to your spiritual growth, behavioral characteristics and to specific areas of your body. All the charkas can be aligned together and made to spin in the same direction and speed through the art of yoga. You can bring a certain type of balance and peace to your mind, body and spirit by understanding how to fine tune and control your chakras through yoga and meditation.

Each and every part of your body from the perineum to the crown of your head is associated with the seven chakras along the spine. These chakras are connected with a particular color, body location, a central emotional or behavioral issue and with other personal aspects rights, identity, goal and other such issues.

Below you will find how these seven chakras can be categorized:

Sahasrara - cerebral cortex or top of the head.

Ajna - eye brows.

Visshudha - throat.

Anahata - heart area.

Manipura - solar plexus.

Svadhistana - lower back or hip, abdomen and genitals.

Muladhara - base of the spine.

Through the ancient art of yoga you can concentrate your energy to and from the various chakras of your body and this can help you can compensate for areas that may be out of synch with the rest of your body or are inactive.

Proper distribution of this energy called Kundalini energy, along with all seven of the chakras can help you achieve a certain level of balance and harmony.

As a coiled up snake it rests in your Muladhara chakra, in its dormant state. Energy that flows through your system is regulated by these chakras. So if you are able to realign them through controlled and purposeful movements such as yoga, you can achieve a certain level of emotional wellbeing and physical benefits.


Nikki Cooper said...

The Free Yoga in Practice e-book doesnt work! The link might not be correct... Or are you not offering this anymore?? Please let me know. I think it would be a great additional resource to my Vinyasa Teacher Training Course I'm taking with Aura Wellness right now.

Paul said...

Dear Nikki,

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