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Spiritual Yoga Teachings

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By Sangeetha Saran

Our relationship with what is beyond our body and mind as individuals is the essence of spirituality. It is a beautiful relationship that one can achieve with an unseen source (divine) that is the cause of life and death. To many, spirituality is a very close inner journey.

Why do some people seem more vulnerable to life's tensions than others? Among other reasons from the list, lack of adequate exercise and out of touch with spirituality play a role. In the short term, yoga embedded with spirituality can be a powerful painkiller. It has been associated with a more pronounced response to peace of mind in life.

From the perspective of a yoga teacher, spirituality is experienced by being aware of the present and applying the same state of mind deep into daily life (the minute details of being). According to Paulji: "It is a step-by-step journey to experience self-realization in the end." Once the understanding between real world and the world beyond the self is made, the knowledge attained is allowed to permeate into everyday lives.

Although there are many types of yogic methodology, Hatha yoga has been described by Jon Kabat-Zinn in his book called 'Full Catastrophe Living' as the one that includes meditation with stress reduction. This concept has spread across the rest of the world as a basis for a mindfulness-based yoga training program. Yoga means "union "in Sanskrit, which translates to a union between the mind and the body. 

In addition to stress relief, there are many other purposes for yogic methods, including loosening up the body muscles and preparing the entire system ready for postures that need to be sustained for long periods. One can access spirituality through meditation and asana practice. Formal practice of spirituality is the act of letting go of all the actions that one is consumed with and establishing oneself in a particular body posture for a long period of time for the purpose of cultivating prana and a non-judgmental awareness.

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book "Eat, Pray, Love" notes that yoga is all about mastering the self and dedicating the body and the mind to a moment where one can stop worrying about the past, present, and the future, and immerse into a place of eternal presence to regard oneself and the present surroundings with grace. By moving body through asanas, combined with the essence of spirituality, one can possess the ability to move far more than predictable at the moment.

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Mary Wilson said...

Spirituality is experienced by being aware of the present and applying the same state of mind deep into daily life. Thank you Sangeetha Saran for writing this nice article.