Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yoga for Children - Precautions for Parents

kids yoga instructor certification intensive
By Sangeetha Saran

Yoga can be a fantastic way to stimulate your child's body and mind. Learning patience and a sense of calm at an early age is an invaluable learning tool. In addition, it will get them started early on their way to being a healthy, vibrant person. There is no denying the benefits of yoga training for children. However, as they do not yet possess the skills of an adult there are some challenges that come along with it. This vigilance on the part of instructors and parents, will allow the child to enjoy the experience, and benefit from it. It will also keep him or her from being overwhelmed by it.

One of the most important aspects of this caution is to make sure the children are learning and practicing yoga in a positive environment. They are just becoming aware of how their bodies work, and this can lead to knowing when something is too much or too little. They must feel like it is fine to come out of an uncomfortable asana and not feel negatively about it. Allowing them the freedom (empowerment) to learn at their own pace is an important aspect of making yoga a fun activity. We all know that making games and exercise fun is a great thing to accomplish with children.

The instructor plays a vital role in keeping the children entertained and giving them the experience they need to fully take advantage of yogic practices. Attention spans are often short at a young age, and the younger the children, the more the class structure needs to focus on keeping things fresh and entertaining. As the children move up in age they need to be given more accomplished tasks to complete, in order to keep them interested and achieving. The importance of focusing the class on task for an age specific range is reliant upon a certified kids yoga instructor, which makes the teacher's role a vital part of the learning process.

Last but not least, remember that there is a physical risk to vigorous exercise. Yoga isn't a high impact activity, but it still poses some form of physical risk. Kids need to be taught in a responsible and safe environment. The only way to assure this is to make sure you observe the class and verify the credentials of those in charge of it. Confirm that safety is being taught and reviewed on a regular basis, and make sure you're familiar with the terminology of yoga. This might even lead to you enjoying yogic exercise with your child!

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