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How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Yoga Teacher?

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By Faye Martins

Anyone who enjoys practicing yoga postures and meditation should consider becoming a teacher. Experts recommend choosing a career doing something that you love, and if you are teaching yoga, then you will get to enjoy its physical and mental benefits on a daily basis. To understand how long it takes to become a yoga instructor, you should contact your local instructors to get an idea of how long the teachers on staff trained before deciding to become a teacher. Each school has minimum guidelines concerning yoga instructor training, then make sure to choose a school that meets your needs.

Talk to Your Own Yoga Instructor About Training

Before enrolling in a yoga instructor training course, make sure that you have the physical stamina to teach students for several hours a day. In addition to remaining physically fit, you must also enjoy yogic meditative practices. If you are enrolled in yoga classes, then watch your own instructor carefully to see if it is a good career choice for you. Talk to your yoga teacher about your career aspirations, and maybe he or she will permit you to work as an assistant to see if you like the work. 

Enroll in a Yoga Training Course

Despite practicing yoga postures each day and enjoying meditation in the evening, you should still enroll in an reputable yoga training school. Before enrolling, you may need to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques and first-aid procedures so that you can assist an injured or ill student. Most schools require students to enroll in a 200-hour training class to earn their basic yoga instructor certificate, but some schools also offer specialized certifications to teach certain ages of students or particular types of yogic practices. You might enroll in classes full-time, or a school may have a part-time option so that you can continue to work at a job.

You Will Learn How to Communicate to Your Students

During yoga classes, you will continue to learn the proper way to teach a posture, but you should also practice helping students. Some students prefer verbal reminders of how to position an arm or leg while for other students, you can stand or sit nearby to help them see how you perform the pose. If a student tells you that touching is acceptable, then you can move a foot or hand into the proper place for a pose. An important aspect of your training is learning where and how to adjust or assist a student.

A Yoga Student Is Required to Study Textbooks and Take Tests

In addition to practicing with a teacher and students, you will have textbooks to read and study to learn about the history, methodology, and philosophy of yoga along with understanding human anatomy. Learning about human physiology is imperative because it helps you understand more about your students’ muscles and joints to prevent any injuries during a class. The yoga course you take will require you to take quizzes and tests to show that you have learned the information necessary to receive a certificate.

Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program That Meets Your Needs

If you have been training consistently for a few years, earning a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate can require several weeks or months of study if you want to attend classes part-time, but there are also intensive training programs that will keep you in a classroom and yoga studio from the early morning until late in the evening. In addition, the cost of attending classes can vary, but some schools offer discounts that can help you financially. You can choose a yoga instructor program that meets your requirements so that you can begin to teach something that you love to students. 

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