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Secrets of Exceptional Yoga Teachers

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By Faye Martins

If you are a new yoga instructor, then you will want to understand the secrets of the most successful yoga teachers. Here are a few essential tips from exceptional yoga instructors. 

1: Remember That You Were Once a Beginner

After practicing yoga postures and meditation for many years, it is easy to forget what it is like being a beginner. If you have a condescending attitude toward your new students, then they will feel uncomfortable asking questions or making a mistake. While maintaining a yoga pose is easy for you now, it probably was difficult for you when you were a new student. 

2: Make Your Yoga Students Feel Special 

While teaching your students, make an effort to remember their names. When you are teaching a class, walk around the room to help a student who is having difficulty with a posture and make eye contact frequently. Have an open door policy that permits students to ask questions. In addition, keep track of a student’s special needs such as requiring a bolster pillow for a bad back.

3: Practice Speaking to Your Students

When you struggle with speaking in public, you will need to practice to communicate effectively with your students. Make sure that you understand how to use the correct tone of voice so that the students in the back of a class can hear you while the students in the front don’t feel as though you are yelling.

4: Keep Your Yoga Classes Interesting 

Make your yoga classes interesting by changing the routines or settings occasionally. You can play music during a class while inside your yoga studio, or arrange to take your students outside on a nice day to perform simple postures. By using creativity in your yoga classes, your students will not become bored, and they are more likely to sign up for new sessions.

5: Add Extra Value to a Yoga Class

While your students might want to join a yoga class to increase the flexibility in their joints, you can add extra value to a class by including information about nutrition or other forms of exercise. Permit a current student to bring along a friend occasionally so that you can showcase your classes to a new audience.

6: Maintain a Supply of Specialized Yoga Props

Have a supply of specialized props available for students who need items such as straps, pillows or slant boards. Students needing one of these items can place it near to them before beginning a routine so that they won’t miss out on any of the class’s postures or movements.

7: Accept Feedback From Your Students

Accepting feedback from your students is one of the most important ways to become an exceptional yoga instructor. By listening to your students, you might learn that you need to have more lighting in your studio, or you may learn that students don’t understand some of the instructions that you are providing.

8: Offer an Assortment of Classes

If you want to reach a variety of students, then offer an assortment of classes. One group of students might want to learn how to balance better while another class will want to learn complex poses. In addition, you can offer classes for different age groups or genders. 

9: Never Stop Learning New Yoga Methods

Despite being an excellent yoga instructor, you should continue to learn new methods yourself. Make sure to enroll in continuing education classes at an online school or local community college. Alternatively, you can travel to other regions to take weekend workshops. 

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