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How to Have the Most Popular Yoga Studio in Your Community

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By Kimaya Singh

Yoga is a high sought after class among many, and a good yoga instructor is hard to come by. There are many characteristics that go into what classifies an excellent yoga instructor. While some teachers are freelance and can go to almost any location, the secret to building relationships is providing a safe environment that they can return to each week, such as a studio. Even if you are teaching yoga at a local community center, you can still make sure that your class is the most popular location for yoga in your neighborhood.

Stay Focused

A great yoga teacher can have every technical skill possible to help educate his or her students, but at the end of the day it is the impression that he or she leaves on each student that is important. Your emotions reflect onto that of your students much more than you might realize. If your energy is centered on being calm, focused on each student, and enthusiastic about his or her goals then that will be remembered. On days when you have a lot of events going on outside of class, it helps to arrive to your studio 30 minutes or an hour prior to your class and meditate. This will ensure that you are centered and focused for the class ahead.

Reflect Your Joy

Students can also tell when you are not enjoying your job or having fun. If you want your students to have fun and make a lasting impression then they also have to feel you are as well. In order to prevent a "burnout", ensure that you are not instructing yoga based solely on a physical level. You have to also connect with your teachings and appreciate the power of the ancient techniques. Without this realization, you will not be able to inspire your students or help them change their lives.

Remain Flexible

Everyone likes to feel appreciated or important. Stay in tune with the needs of your students through personal connection and communication. This will help you be prepared for any changes in a student's educational needs. By being flexible as far as a planned yoga routine, and altering it to meet the needs of your students, it shows compassion and understanding. This shows them that you are listening to them and that you care about their goals. While it is important to have a carefully planned lesson prepared each week, if a student is not ready to perform this planned lesson then there is no point in going through with it. Be observant when your students arrive, examine their emotions, and decide if your class is prepared for your lesson or if they might need a more relaxing class on that particular day.

Maintain Your Tone and Pace

Keep your voice upbeat but not so perky that it becomes annoying. Ensure that it is calm, motivated, and easy to understand. Your students are there to relax, and hearing a harsh tone or even one that is too high can be a turn off. You need to also be aware of how much you talk, as this can interrupt a student's focus. Only speak when you are instructing. Save the other topics for after the class is over. The pace of your class should also be regulated depending on the students. If the majority of your class is advanced, then you do not want to go too slow or else they will get bored. However, too fast and they will not be able to keep up.

Giving adequate pause between each asanas is an added benefit that will allow each student to feel energy in an inward place. It will give them time to reflect on the fact that they need to take their goals farther into a deeper pose. By giving them more time for asanas, they are also able to experience peace and calmness. The stillness that occurs during asana will help each student's body rest while the energy flows upward. A student who is new to your class might not be able to handle a long asana, so this is a factor that you will have to alter about your lesson if they are present.

Maintain the connection between you and your students by staying after class to speak with each person. Inquire about their feelings of the class, find out about certain limitations, and show that you do care about their overall well-being. By doing so, you can ensure that you have the most popular yoga studio in your neighborhood.

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parvezbdjsr said...

By being flexible as far as a planned yoga routine, and altering it to meet the needs of the students, a teacher can be most popular in their community. Thanks for posting this valuable article.

michele gordon said...

These are such wonderful reminders, allowing us to be present while calmly presenting instruction, enjoying our strengths while observing our slights to begin acknowledging how we can make each element more inviting.

peter f said...

Create a yoga studio environment that is authentic to you and your practice.