Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yoga for Anger Management Tips

anger management tips
By Kimaya Singh

If you find yourself experiencing and holding on to angry feelings to the point that it interferes with your daily activities and general sense of well being, then it's time to benefit from some of these yoga tips to banish those uncomfortable irritations and replace them with gratitude and joy.

Hold a Pose To Release Stress

Would you like to feel like you've just refreshed your entire body with two hours sleep, and it's all from a 20-minute yoga exercise? Try a Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall Pose). Stretch out on the floor on your back, and raise your legs straight up against a wall. Hold this posture for 20 minutes for this yoga reward:

Calms nervous system
Eases muscle fatigue
Helps restore normal breathing

You'll feel exhaustion slipping away. When you are in a deeply fatigued state, the small matters of life become over-sized and out of proportion. Yoga brings the stress monsters down to a manageable minimum.

Learn the Art of Deep Breathing

If you've ever suffered through a panic attack that landed you in an emergency room, then a structured yoga class may be the miracle that is waiting for you. Try an exercise called Pranayma. While you count to ten, practice being mindful and concentrate on what you hear, see, smell, taste and feel.

Use your five wonderful senses and re-energize. Deep breathing eases anger and replaces it with an inner sense of deep peace.

You can recover from previously damaged emotions born from abusive situations. Learn with an expert yoga team, and say goodbye forever to serious anxiety. You can do it.

Find Peace With Meditation

Search out your own quiet place, and spend a few minutes thinking of a beautiful flower garden or an inner seascape. In your virtual reality oasis, plant some of your favorite flowers like roses or peonies. Remember this is your dream, and you can fill a 10-acre field and sit in the middle. Experience the benefits of meditation, and invite a feeling of harmony in your body and spirit. Relax and heal.

Now that you know more about the rewards in healing yoga poses, you can take control of anger and experience the happy life you deserve.

Anger is within each of us. Yoga training gives us a practical method for channeling negative energy into a positive outcomes. The more you practice yogic methods, the less anger and negative energy will have a chance to gain a foothold in your mind. Sometimes, you only have time to breathe, meditate, or practice a short flow of poses. That short session is far better than no session at all and everyone you know will be thankful for it.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Yoga training gives us a practical method for channeling negative energy into a positive outcomes. Thanks for posting this useful article.

Mary Wilson said...

Deep breathing eases anger and replaces it with an inner sense of deep peace. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

Anonymous said...

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