Sunday, August 28, 2016

Power of Observing Yoga Students

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By Bhavan Kumar

Teachers are the glue that holds a yoga class together. Observation is an attribute every yoga teacher should install in self. Even teachers are life-long students as long as yoga is concerned.

A yoga class is comprised of wide variety of students. Not all of them will be delivering a top-notch performance all at once. It takes patience and strong will to get the body to work in a way that best fits us. Students are impatient at times. This is why teachers are required. Everybody has an Internet connection for accessing self-teaching courses. However, a teacher is preferable since a teacher will observe a student and how they are working on the body to move the process along more steadily and efficiently.

There are several areas where observational skills help a teacher:  Learning about students: For teaching well, the teacher needs to learn the students’ body’s limitations and strengths over time. This helps them screen and add several positions to their bag. The students can be guided as to which asanas will be more beneficial compared to others. This also helps teacher to grow. Experience with a wider variety of student makes them progress as a teacher and gives them a little confidence every time a student proactively turns up trying to learn more when your advice works for them.

A teacher always accepts more knowledge with arms wide open. Teachers teach students, and students teach teachers. Of course, the latter occurs less often than the former but a teacher should stay on guard for when this happens. This is why teachers need to realize the power of observing students and start finding ways to learn from them as well. Getting familiar with your students is just as important in order to make their journey more enjoyable and keep them motivated throughout the process. Many students give up yoga as impulsively as they get into it, but it is a teacher’s job to make a student realize yoga is a wonderful decision and keep the student’s morale up.Teachers have to embrace and love observing their students. This only requires a little push; it will then just come naturally to a teacher. When a student goes wrong, a teacher will immediately realize and make a note to make it correct later on. There you go teachers, observe and master the skills.

Teachers’ thirst for knowledge: A good teacher is always looking for new experience in the field and learning new things. Teacher’s work very hard to get to where they are, however, there always will be students who learn very quickly. They might be able to show a teacher more than she has already seen. I have seen teachers ignoring these opportunities to grow. But a good teacher will always take the charge and try to improve herself from what she sees in the student.

Check up on students: Every student needs guidance, which is why they have a yoga teacher. But just as well every student makes a mistake once in a while, which needs to be rectified by the teacher. There are students who learn slow and need more guidance than other students. This is where the real test for a teacher comes in action. Observation has to be maximum for this to happen. Whenever a student goes wrong, teachers need to take extra five minutes for them to get room for improvement. If there are more students on some days, ten minutes will suffice. Just point out the error and observe if or not they are getting it right for about five minutes.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Observation is an attribute every yoga teacher should install in self. Its really a great speech, Thank you Bhavan Kumar for writing this valuable article.