Sunday, October 30, 2016

Can You Practice Yoga in Your Sleep?

By Sangeetha Saran, CYT 500

Did you know that yogic practices can help you get a restful night's sleep? It can almost be said that you are practicing yoga in your sleep because yogic methods aid in changing your sleep patterns. You might notice that you currently wake up through the night or just wake up feeling like you haven't slept at all. This can leave your mind and body tired, which affects your productivity for the entire day. So, what yogic methods are best to include in your bedtime routine to ensure a restful night?

Soothing Yogic Poses

The lotus pose with deep breathing focuses on breathing in and out completely. Using this breathing technique helps to calm the mind and body and stabilizes and strengthens the nervous system.

Although it sounds energizing, the hero pose is very calming because it requires you to sit in a position that stimulates pressure points on the tops of your feet that promote overall relaxation.

The standing forward bend can help to relieve tension in your head and neck. It can alleviate tension headaches. Your stress will dissipate as the tension leaves your body with this pose.

The cat-cow pose is great for stretching the back muscles as it requires you to extend and relax the spine. Proper breathing is essential in executing this pose correctly. Stretching your back muscles will result in a deeper sleep.

The plow pose focuses on deep abdominal breathing. With this pose, the focus of your weight is in the center of your back, below your shoulders. This is an important pressure point that can aid in deeper breathing and can be soothing.

The reclined spinal twist compresses the spleen which is responsible for digestion of food and also of daily events that take place in your life. You will get a better night's rest if digestion is working optimally. Digestion of recent events will help you clear your mind, preventing your thoughts from racing at bedtime.

The corpse pose is used to end any yoga class and is a great way to end your day. This pose helps to relax the upper back and spine. Most people have a lot of tension in the upper back. This pose helps to relieve that tension and also encourages breathing naturally which has a calming effect.

If you suffer from insomnia or sleep problems, consider practicing yoga before bed. Make a nightly routine and stick with it. You will see your sleep patterns improve and you will be glad you incorporated yogic methods into your bedtime routine!

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