Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yoga Teachers Wanted in Austin, Texas

This one just came in!

Looking for Yoga Teachers in the Austin, Texas Area

There is a Brand New studio opening in Austin, Texas.

The name of the studio is: Studio S and it will open in May.

They are looking for Yoga teachers from various styles of Yoga.

Interested Yoga teachers should apply by contacting Stacy.


Telephone: 512-577-9723


Changes to Yoga Teacher Training Newsletter

Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter at

Our mail system is changing, so that we can reach all of our subscribers. Some of our regular subscribers suddenly stopped recieving our newsletter and notified us.

Please be patient and reconfirm your newsletter.

There are many rules regarding Email, which we want to follow. Reconfirming is one of those new rules for us to reach through the many different Internet servers.

We also want to make sure that, if you want them, you are receiving our latest newsletters.

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