Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yoga My Way or the Highway

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By Faye Martins

Recently, I attended a Yoga boot camp class that was physically invigorating, but it was an enlightening experience as well. The class objective was clear and there were no misconceptions about the class being physical. The room was hot, the asanas were challenging, and the students were barked at like raw military recruits. An abusive dog owner had nothing on this instructor, who took on the role of pseudo dominatrix. The audience (students) loved it as she verbally abused them like a wolf in a hen coop. 

She had a few choice words for one student with carpal tunnel syndrome and she didn't give her one modification. This made me wonder if this teacher had any knowledge of modifications or if she was just letting her ego run wild. She finally succeeded in harassing this student, who was in obvious pain, out the door. The problem is this student might think every teacher and yoga class is like the one she left.

My feeling has always been that some teachers need to post a sign at the door or hand out their guidelines before students enter their class; if students can't ask you questions or look you in the eye during class. Lastly, if you are a yoga teacher who likes abusing people, be prepared for the day when you meet somebody who will invite you into an octagon ring for the fight of your life. A Yoga school should be geared toward helping students rather than creating a playground for instructors who are social misfits.

Changing Yoga Schools for Students with Physical Ailments

Students who have physical ailments often benefit from a variety of different types of therapeutic yoga. The type of physical ailment one has determines the types of activities that will benefit them the most. In some cases it may be impossible to expect the student to reasonably complete any type of vigorous yoga program without modifications. In such cases, therapeutic yoga may be the perfect solution to help an individual maintain flexibility and improve physical health.

Yogic methods were introduced thousands of years ago and have become popular around the world for several decades. However, popularity continues to increase. It is possible to find yoga classes in virtually any location. In many cases these yoga classes can be adjusted to successfully fit the individuals who are participating. Therefore, students who are suffering from certain physical ailments may be able to participate in a variation of yogic methods as a means of mind-body therapy.


Hatha yoga helps individuals become more centered and more aware of their bodies. In addition, it increases mobility through a series of asanas. The classes can be customized to help individuals who have specific needs so that they receive the greatest benefit from taking the class.

Yogic methods have been found to be helpful for a variety of reasons. They have the potential to lower blood pressure by helping individuals relax and they also increase the core strength of an individual by allowing them to participate in movements that require a great deal of balance and strength. 

Students also strengthen muscles by isolating each individual muscle group and improving flexibility and mobility. This is helpful for individuals who are suffering from musculoskeletal issues as long as they do not overdo it in class. People who suffer from certain health conditions should first discuss their issues with their doctor and then with the individual that is teaching the yoga class so that it can be designed to provide them with the greatest benefit.

Benefits for Life

Yogic techniques can serve people well for the rest of their lives. Therefore, Yoga is an important method to learn for dealing with the physical and mental stresses that are present in daily life. People who have certain physical issues may find that they actually receive a greater benefit from the class than do those who have no such issues because they are able to focus on strengthening their bodies and reducing their stress levels simultaneously. As a result, yogic methodology is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Chaquillea Bellarouge said...

I agree about teachers not being able to teach a class to suite everyone even the pupils who are there to get help with their injuries should be posting a warning to students not to attend if they will not step out of their ego and actual be a teacher. Most of my clients are in my class to heal their injuries and there are those who have no injuries and still get a workout. I always give modifications in every class no matter who is attending, and I get a big thank you by my clients for teaching them to look after themselves and for giving modifications ... They all leave with a huge smile and a great experience because as they felt safe in my class.

1020kerry said...

I teach chair yoga to seniors. I am always aware of the specific health issues of each of my students and keep an eye on them during any exercise that may stress them. All my students are grateful for my individual attention and tell me how much better they feel after class. In my mind yoga must be inclusive and safe for everyone, or it has lost its spiritual source.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this experience. I cringe when I read stories like this on Elephant Journal.

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Seamus Lowe said...

My friend is thinking about getting her yoga instructor certification. I still don't understand how some of those positions are physically possible. I tried some and almost got myself a free trip to the hospital.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Thank you for sharing your valuable experience, Its very hard to equal the class for all students at a time but a good teacher always should keep in mind student safety issue.