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Can a Kids Yoga App Impact Social Change?

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By Kimaya Singh

We all know the potential for yoga as a practice in the life of adults. We have experienced such positive changes in our own lives, through incorporating yoga into our daily or weekly routines. The same benefits can regularly be seen in our classes, and it is one of the more fulfilling aspects of teaching the discipline.

When it comes to children, could yoga hold the key to improving their physical and emotional health?

The Struggles Of Childhood

Children are facing an increase in stress in the modern age. A reliance on technology, a sedentary lifestyle, and dietary recommendations that may have been based on faulty science has led to a health crisis. Obesity and related condition, such as Type II diabetes, are rampant in our youth.

In addition, high stress puts undo strain on our young people, even our very young children. How can we help them cope?

Yoga could provide an answer for both problems. Not only does it get them moving their bodies, building strength and flexibility, but also it offers emotional benefits.

A study published in Frontiers of Psychiatry found that children who took part in regular yoga experienced a decrease in stress. They were also reportedly able to better cope with difficult situations, calm them, find their center, and react with greater clarity than before.

Another study discovered that yoga and aerobic exercise might help children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) focus and control their symptoms. Which may show a potential for reducing the use of medication in such cases, providing a healthier and natural outlet to those difficulties.

Could Creating A Yoga App Be The Answer?

Between 2007 and 2012, there was a 400,000-child increase in the numbers of those underage people who practice yoga. But that is still only 3%, and while the number has continued to climb, that growth has been slow.

How do we promote yoga on a wider scale to children around the world?

An app could be the answer. Mobile applications have become a cornerstone of every day life. Children, even young children, are more likely to have smartphones. Which means they have access to apps.

Creating a simple, functional app that teaches them asanas, runs them through routines of different lengths and difficulty levels, and making it something social to share with their friends could go a long way to increasing the use of yoga in children.

Yoga may hold the answer to many of the questions parents and health professionals are facing today.

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Young children can access the apps easily through their smartphone that will teach them about yoga asana and by this way the yoga apps create impact on children and children impact on society for positive change.