Saturday, January 05, 2008

Online Yoga Certification and Continuing Education Courses

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Here is a story, which has been heard a lot lately. It does not apply to everyone, but it has become a common theme. You have been practicing Yoga for six to thirty years. Ever since your Guru retired, you have noticed a sudden influx of young, unseasoned Yoga teachers.

Suddenly, young flexible gymnastic bodies have decided to “change careers.” As a bonus, you learn their brand of Yogic philosophy. After a few months of practice, and a three week instructor’s intensive, they have all the answers to why we wake up with stiffness in our bodies, and where we went wrong in life.

In truth, some of what they say makes sense, but who wants to hear it? After all, you have children who are your instructor’s age. If you are an experienced Yoga practitioner, you may have contemplated practicing at home. Yet, solo practice can be dull as the months and years go by. You know the benefits and don’t want to stop practicing - which is a possibility, if you go it alone.

You have considered going to an onsite Yoga teacher training intensive course, but the cost is daunting. The retreats to exotic locations are also cost prohibitive.

Your children are in college, you are in college, someone at home is adjusting to a job crisis, or something else. The bottom line is: You have financial obligations and you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a teacher certification program.

Did you ever consider a specialized Yoga instructor training home-study course? The price of a correspondence course is a fraction of the price that an onsite certification would cost. Correspondence courses are designed for easy self-paced home-study, and you can go about your daily life without any hardships.

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