Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yoga Training: Yogic Fitness Classes

200 hour yoga teacher training intensive
By Lisa Beasley

It doesn't matter what you are taught during your Yoga instructor certification course, some people will always see Yogic practices as a form of exercise that is used to achieve different goals. Some people use it as their main form of exercise. There are numerous types to choose from, ranging from the gentle stretching and low impact of Hatha to the very intense and invigorating Power Yoga. Athletes often rely on Yogic methods as part of their training regimen and as a way to increase flexibility and strength. The bottom line is that anyone, regardless of fitness level, (or lack thereof) can benefit from doing Yoga. A certified Yoga teacher will be able to communicate with his or her class to see what the students are expecting, as well as offer variations on different poses.

Exercising the body, as well as the mind, is a key element in staying healthy. Yoga is a way to combine what is good for the body and connect it to the mind in ways that other forms of exercise simply can’t do. Physically, it can help you to improve your posture and alignment, which can help to reduce aches and pains throughout the body. It can also help to improve balance and flexibility. Yogic techniques are also known to reduce stress levels and contribute to better sleep. Taking care of your body by practicing regularly can help enhance your life in a number of different areas that you may not even be aware of yet.

We already know that fitness and great health cannot be achieved by simply taking a pill or some other type of “quick fix.” Being healthy requires regular exercise and a well-rounded diet, as well as trying to maintain a positive attitude. Yoga training is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to tie all of that together. Whether you are looking to boost your energy levels, increase your strength or contribute to a positive mental outlook, Yoga can help you achieve many of those goals and more. You can decide on specific goals or let your practice guide you toward what you need. Since there are so many variations within Yoga, there is always room to evolve and grow, physically, mentally, and emotionally. From the meditative low impact forms all the way through the challenges of Hot Yoga, there are certainly enough physical styles to cater to anyone’s fitness needs.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Yoga is a way to combine what is good for the body and connect it to the mind in ways that other forms of exercise simply can’t do. Thank you Lisa Beasley for writing this good article.

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