Monday, August 04, 2014

Why You Should Consider Yoga For Chronic Stress

yoga for chronic stress
By Faye Martins

In the modern world, more and more people are turning to yoga for chronic stress reduction. Stress is no stranger to the average worker, and it is becoming crucial that we find alternative methods for keeping our minds in order. Sure, there are many technological luxuries available to us in the 2010s, but these are often the very source of our added stress. Since everyone is constantly connected, via internet and smartphone, there is no end to the work day. Many people are finding it impossible to make time for the small moments that can help to relax your mind and enhance your well being.

Reduce Stress With Breathing Exercises

Yoga is an ancient practice that uses a variety of stretching and breathing exercises. It is a great way to stay in shape, but the practices are also beneficial in other ways. Controlled breathing exercises train the body to utilize the oxygen surrounding it every day. Normal, unconscious breaths may not be as efficient when it comes to our oxygen intake. This may sound silly at first, but how we breathe can greatly affect how we feel and our overall health. The body requires oxygen to survive, and organ health can be directly related to the levels of oxygen we receive. Granted, you never stop breathing, but you would be surprised how ineffective your standard breaths may be.

Oxygen is not only vital for organ health, but it also helps rid the body of dangerous toxins that might build up from eating bad foods or drinking alcohol. These toxins lead to higher stress levels. There are plenty of ways for toxins to exist in our bodies, and oxygen is a simple and natural way to extract those toxins. An appropriate level of oxygen is also necessary for improving brain function and overall mood. Breathing practices have been known to reduce anxiety and fight depression, by revitalizing the body and mind. There is no other nutrient source that is as taken advantage of as the very air we breath.

The Benefits Of Stretching

Mental health is directly related to physical health, which is why everyone should consider yoga for chronic stress problems. The stretching aspect of yoga will not only improve your physical strength, but also your flexibility. Many modern jobs require tasks that are physically taxing, such as sitting at a desk for long hours. Such a job can do serious damage to your lower back, and yoga is the best solution for that. Yoga increases flexibility and range of motion, which in turn improves blood flow in specific trouble areas of your body. In a short time, you will notice how much better you feel, even when you return to work and are seated for long hours.

Other tedious job tasks, such as typing, can do damage to your wrist joints. Your neck will likely remain bent in such a way that it could permanently alter your posture. Stretching will reverse the negative effects of such tasks and strengthen your joints to prevent future complications, such as arthritis.

Regardless of what you know about yoga or meditation, it is a practice that is not exclusively religious or spiritual. Yoga is a physical exercise that also happens to provide benefits that most other exercise routines cannot. For anyone dealing with chronic stress, yoga may be your solution for a better life. Yoga classes are not hard to find these days, so get out there and give it a try.

Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. 


parvezbdjsr said...

Yoga is a physical exercise and has a lot of benefits for body and mind, it also may be a great solution for chronic stress, Thanks for this good article!

Mary Wilson said...

Yoga is a great way for chronic stress reduction. It helps to improve our physical strength and increase our flexibility. Yoga is a good practice.