Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yoga Studio Accidents Waiting To Happen

By Kimaya Singh

Yoga studios are places of meditation, spirituality and fitness. They are places where people can feel safe, and where the fundamentals of yoga can be taught. They can also be places were accidents are waiting to happen. It can be tough to know where exactly an accident is going to happen, or what part of your studio is unsafe, but there are some signs that you can look for.

It is important to make sure that your yoga studio is safe, because if someone is seriously hurt, you may be liable. That can lead to lawsuits, and the end of your yoga studio. Having everyone sign a waiver that clears you of any wrongdoing can prevent this, but you shouldn’t just rely on that. You need to make sure your yoga studio is safe, and that those doing exercises in the yoga studio are safe.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the yoga area is clear. The mats and equipment should be stored away until they are being used. If water or a liquid falls anywhere on the floor, clean it up immediately to prevent any falls. A good rule of thumb is to prevent anyone from having any liquid to drink in the yoga area during a session. There can be a designated area for getting water, away from where people are doing yoga or walking. 

Be Aware of Potential Hazards

On the same topic of liquid, if it is raining outside you don’t want people tracking water into the yoga studio on their shoes. Make sure everyone changes out of his or her outdoor shoes before walking into the studio.

It is important that you maintain your equipment, even if it is just something small, for yoga. If the equipment is no longer in good condition, it should be removed. A yoga mat with a rip in it may not seem like a big deal but if someone is in a pose where they are causing the two ends to pull away from each other, even slightly, it can rip and cause that person to suddenly fall and hit the ground.

Having the proper class size is important as well. You want to make sure that you limit the size of the class based on the number of people an instructor can safely instruct. If you are the only instructor, have a small class, but offer classes on a more frequent basis. This way, you will ensure that everyone is doing a yoga pose properly. If there are too many people, you can’t keep an eye on everyone and that can result in someone doing a pose wrong, and thereby hurting themselves in the process.

Most injuries or accidents in a yoga studio happen during stretches because people try to push themselves too far. This is why it is important that you maintain class levels. Beginners should not be doing advanced poses because of the risk of injury and those in the advanced class should not be doing beginner techniques because they are paying to learn advanced techniques. Talk with the participants in your yoga class to get an idea of their skill level and to prevent anyone from pushing him or herself too far. Managing limitations is one of the most important things for safety in your yoga studio.

The yoga studio is a place of fitness, safety and good feelings. If you are able to prevent yoga studio accidents from happening, you can ensure that everyone begins a life of yoga, which leads them to more happiness, more confidence and better health. Just try these few things, and your yoga studio will be safe for everyone.

The Fine Line Between Fun And Negligence In Yoga Classes

Yoga is meant to be fun. It is meant to be fun because that is what keeps people doing it. The fun aspect of it, the social gathering it creates with friends and the confidence it brings with good health, are all wonderful parts of yoga. As a yoga teacher, you need to make the classes fun, but you have to balance that fine line between fun and negligence. You are still there to be in charge, and you need to make sure that the fun does not become negligence because that can lead to people being injured as a result.

This is especially true when teaching children’s yoga. For children’s yoga, you want to make sure that the kids are having fun because that is what gets them interested in yoga. That being said, you can’t make things so fun that the children forget about safety. If that happens, you move into the area of negligence. You don’t want that to happen because negligence then leads to injuries and if a child is injured at your studio, it can result in a lawsuit against you and possibly the end of your yoga studio or teaching career.

The most important thing to remember when teaching children’s yoga, and keeping things fun, is to provide a great deal of one-on-one instruction. You want to make sure that while the children are having fun playing yoga games, they are doing poses properly and safely. You need to be an authority in your studio, so that the children know when things are getting out of hand. It is not about being mean, it is about making sure everyone is safe. If one child is injured, they may never want to do yoga again and that would be robbing them of something that could benefit them for years to come. You don’t want that to happen.

Moving on to adults, you need to make the yoga class fun for them as well but at least with adults there is greater restraint and less likely that someone is going to be injured. Nonetheless, you want to make sure that everyone is doing poses properly so that no one is injured.

Negligence can happen when things are not monitored. Now this doesn’t mean you should prevent anything fun from happening in the yoga studio. One of the greatest misconceptions about yoga is that it is all about holding poses for a great deal of time. This isn’t the case, there are many yoga activities that you can enjoy and that your class will enjoy. These games are to be conducted in a safe manner, which teaches students of any age to enjoy yoga while at the same time learning poses. These games are not just for children; adults in family classes can play them as well. They are a great way to really change things up and give everyone a bit of a break from holding poses for an extended period of time. By following these games to the letter, you can prevent anyone from being injured through negligence.

Looking at the word negligence, it essentially means that something bad happened because you were not paying attention. This is why it is so important as a yoga teacher that you pay attention to everyone in the class and provide as much one-on-one instruction as you can. By making things fun, but also keeping an eye on how everyone is doing, you make sure that no one is injured and there are no problems for anyone taking part in the yoga classes.

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parvezbdjsr said...

A yoga teacher should give attention to everyone in the class and provide as much one-on-one instruction as you can. Its very important for preventing any accidents.

Mary Wilson said...

As a Instructor you need to make sure your yoga studio is safe, and that those doing exercises in the yoga studio are safe.

Cherry Hope Gonzaga said...

The first thing yoga instructor should do is to make sure that the studio is clean and safe. Yoga equipment and props should be properly stored. Avoid potential hazards like water and slippery objects.

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