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All About Power Yoga Instructor Certification Programs

all about power yoga instructor certification programs
By Faye Martins

Are you interested in transforming people's lives? A power yoga instructor certification program will allow you to do just this. Teaching can be a rewarding experience, both spiritually and emotionally. It's also a great way to supplement your income. In what other way can you be paid to help others and keep up you own physical fitness? Before we look at certification programs, lets understand what this discipline entails.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a term used in the West to encompass the practice of Indian Ashtanga. It has three basic components: Vinyasa, Tristhana, and Internal Purification. Vinyasa incorporates using the breath to move to one posture to the next. Tristhana enables the practitioner to focus inwards, focusing only on posture, breathing, and keeping a steady gaze. Internal purification is about letting go of negative emotions and desires.

Within classes, instructors will lead practitioners through a series of vigorous asanas. Examples of some asanas include Warrior One, Downward Dog, and Triangle Pose. Different instructors can put their own interpretation on how to arrange the series of asanas, as well as offering modifications for beginners. Power Yoga continues to be the most widely available form in the United States.

Gaining Certification

Where to Start?

Many of your local studios offer programs to become a teacher. There are also a couple of nationwide institutes, such as the Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga Institution.

Types of Training Available

This form of yoga is a broad field. Many programs offer a wealth of certification options. These include hot yoga, hot power yoga fusion, yoga sculpt, and specialty power yoga programs like Baptiste. In addition, teacher programs offer courses at different levels. Higher-level courses need more time and training than your basic level one courses. There are also online teacher training programs available if you do not live near a studio.

What to Expect

Teaching courses will demonstrate how to keep bodies properly aligned to avoid injuries. They will train you how to teach with your voice and how to use your hands appropriately to instruct or correct a student. You can also expect to learn how to give a powerful and concise presentation-there's nothing worse than seeing students nod off in class because you are not communicating effectively. You will also learn how to read students, and not just on a physical level. It is important for instructors to identify with students on a mind, body, and spiritual level. Anatomy and physiology will be addressed, along with learning the names of postures in Sanskrit. Finally, you should expect to be introduced to the business side of yoga. Many teachers leave programs not only to teach but to run their own studios as well.

How Long Will it Take?

Program lengths vary widely. Some can be completed in just 60 hours. Some take over 200 hours. Several programs take a couple of months and a select few take up to 2 years.

What Will it Cost?

Again this varies depending on the program and length of time. You can expect to spend around 1500 on average.
Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. 


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Power Yoga continues to be the most widely available form in the United States. Teaching courses demonstrate how to keep bodies properly aligned to avoid injuries. Thanks for this good post.

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i don't think power yoga is for the weak, but probably if you have enough courage and perseverance you can get the great benefits of it :)

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