Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reducing Violence with Kids Yoga Sessions

By Faye Martins

Why is Aura Wellness Center devoting so much energy toward "Tiki's Yoga Journey?" Are they wasting time with all this technology and 3D entertainment for Yoga teachers, students, parents and children? I contacted the team at Aura Wellness Center to find out what they are up to and why they are working on this project.

At Aura, virtual 3D sequencing was created for two reasons.
1. As a teacher's aide to help with creative sequencing ideas. 2. To develop our 3D artist's talent for an child-friendly app that will drastically reduce violence over a generation. If Yoga were accessible to every child on this planet, in multiple languages, we would achieve our objective of preventing violence through Yogic education. It is much easier to invest in children today than to try to repair broken adults tomorrow. The ultimate purpose is to make a positive impact in the lives of children and give them skills for coping with stress.

With violence and bullying reaching epidemic proportions in both the real world and cyberspace, many people are looking for ways to reduce violent outbursts in children. Yoga is proving to be an inexpensive but effective solution to violence problems and has shown great promise. By allowing youngsters to learn control over both their physical body and emotional processes, yoga provides a much safer outlet for negative energy and thoughts than many other activities. Here is a look at why and how the practice helps children.

Like other sports and physical activities, yoga provides youngsters with a chance to move their bodies. Doing so expends energy that can release itself in unacceptable ways if not properly channeled. Due to its noncompetitive nature, however, yoga is able to offer many of the benefits of sports without the anxiety and apprehension that gym classes and team sports induce in the less physically fit.

Physical activity is also known to increase the body's production of endorphins, and yoga does the same. This release of endorphins creates a feeling of happiness and well being while strengthening and toning the body. The positive feelings gained from yoga movements and exercises may help eliminate negative feelings that could lead to violent thoughts and behaviors.

Even when the endorphin rush of yoga isn't enough to counteract all of a child's negative feelings, it still teaches him or her how to deal with those feelings. The meditation aspect of the practice allows instructors to lead children through a series of meditations and exercises designed to help them find inner peace and learn how to let go of negative feelings before they become overwhelming or overpowering.

Based on feedback from students participating in yoga classes, the practice is especially beneficial to those in low-income families and dense urban environments. These children rarely get much time or space to themselves but report that yoga gives them this. Learning yoga and meditation provides these children with a way to access their own private inner world when they need a level of space and quiet that their external environment is unable to provide. Unfortunately, school districts in urbanized and poor areas often cut funding to programs like music and yoga instruction due to a lack of budget, leaving volunteers to step in and help students in need of physical and emotional outlets.

It has already been shown that kids who practice yoga are more focused and engaged in school and have fewer behavioral problems. While more research is needed before it can be conclusively stated that yoga reduces violent tendencies in youth, it is certainly a logical place to start.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Yoga is proving to be an inexpensive but effective solution to violence problems, yogic exercise reduce violence by eliminate negative feelings from body and mind. Thanks for this good posting!