Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to be the Most Popular Yoga Teacher in Your Community

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By Bhavan Kumar

The yoga industry is booming right now with students becoming teachers and many people choosing to tackle the 200-hour yoga certification courses. In this field, it is important that you have a certain quality of teaching that stands out from the rest. Yes, generating marketing materials, such as colorful fliers, developing a web site, and other advertising promos can help bring in more students. However, the trick is to getting students to come back. 

Attendance is one of the top concerns of all yoga instructors. How can you be the most popular yoga teacher in your community? Keep reading for great tips on how you can connect with your students effectively.

The connection between you and your student is extremely important. No matter what situation we are in, whether it is in a yoga class, or simply shopping in a nearby store, we like to feel as if we are appreciated. Make an effort to shake the hand of every student that comes to your class. Ask them their name, how they are enjoying the class, and encourage them to come back again. Ensure them that you want to help them achieve their yoga dreams, instead of making them feel as if you are only interested in their money.

If your students come back, and more than likely they will if you made the first connection, then continue to get to know them. You do not have to pry too much on a personal level, but find out what they do for a living, what they are wanting to achieve from the class, how much experience in yoga they have, etc.

Aside from the personal connection, the way that you reflect on your students also plays a large role in how well your yoga services will grow. Always leave your troubles at home. We are human and it can be hard to sometimes not remember the problems we have outside of work, but separating your personal life from your yoga life is a must.

Your students are there to learn from you and you are there to inspire and motivate them. Which brings us to making your students feel safe and cared for. The environment should be positive, with everyone motivating each other. Small acts, such as ensuring the newbies who come to your class that no one will judge them regardless of what stage of yoga learning they are in, will give them a sense of peace.

While connecting on a personal level is vital to your business, the professional level of instruction is also important to mention. First and foremost, you are in business because of these wonderful students. Always show up to class on time, and give extra time after the class is over to talk to your students. Don't leave the minute that your instruction is over.

Physical boundaries is also a topic that needs to be addressed and is categorized in the professional department. If you are a yoga teacher who does help students learn through physical assists or adjustments, be sure to speak with each student about this before you conduct this type of learning. Some students, especially the newer learners, might not be comfortable with someone being in their level of comfort.

By communicating with them, you can guarantee that you are on the same page and will not step on any toes, so to speak. Yoga is personal, but you can connect on a more personal level by devoting the appropriate time and attention to your students. By paying you for your services, they trust you with their overall wellbeing. Respect your students and they will return to your class again.

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