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Benefits of the Yogic Plant Based Diet

sattvic foods
By Gopi Rao, CYT 500

We know that more organic vegetables in a diet makes sense. We also know that a diet can create happiness or sadness. With that said, there is no way we can all eat alike. It would be good if humans could discard our predatory nature, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Additionally, a person who passionately loves real beef hamburgers is not going to be swayed by my writing. My best advice for diehard meat eaters is please add more veggies between the bun, because we all need them.

The ancient art of yogic methodology is renowned for its ability to align body, mind, and spirit. Most individuals who engage in this activity on a regular basis reap many rewards, including lowered blood pressure, decreased levels of depression and anxiety, an increase in flexibility and stamina, as well as an improved sense of overall well being. Most people are aware of the vast benefits that yogic methods, as well as following an ayurvedic lifestyle, can bestow on those who practice it. However, there is a simple, yet powerful, way to maximize the full potential of this ancient practice. 

The yogic plant based diet, is a practice which has been followed by yogis for thousands of years. The theory behind the yogic plant based diet, is that the body has the ability to preform to full capacity when it is being nourished by Sattvic (or pure) foods. Pure foods are high in prana, which means that they yield a greater ability to produce clean energy. These pure foods primarily consist of items which are not derived from animal flesh, with the exception of some dairy products.

"Pure" food has the ability to provide an individual with a sustainable source of high quality nutrition. They are easy for the body to digest, promote a healthy spirit, as well as have the ability to cleanse the soul and mind. Because the body does not have to utilize an exorbitant amount of energy to digest Sattvic foods, energy can be refocused towards meditation, spiritual enlightenment and a heightened sense of confidence. Although many people are hesitant to give up their carnivorous diets in exchange for a primarily plant based one, for those who would like to adapt a healthier lifestyle, it is a wonderful way to achieve this goal.

For those who are interested in pursuing a Sattvic diet, it is not difficult, nor expensive to get started. Some common examples of foods that are rich in prana include nuts, seeds, milk, butter, fresh produce and fruit, as well as rice and grains. When adapting this lifestyle, it is important to stay away from foods which are known to upset the digestive balance. These foods fall under two primary categories: Tamasic (meaning "stale") or Rajasic ("stimulating"). These foods include items which are savory, spicy or salty. Additional food items which are considered to be impure include garlic, meats, fish, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages.

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The yogic plant based diet, is that the body has the ability to perform to full capacity when it is being nourished by pure. Thank you Gopi Rao for writing this valuable article.