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What Students Should Know About Vinyasa Classes

sequence of poses
By Gopi Rao, CYT 500

Yoga is a great way to get into shape if you are a beginner to exercise. A series of poses is also called a sequence. Vinyasa is a popular method for practicing a sequence of poses that help you exercise and relax your body and mind. You must focus on your breathing while performing the poses. The biggest difference in Hatha and Vinyasa is the fact that movements flow over to other poses without stopping during sequences.

Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to this type of yoga, then you probably have a lot of questions. Common questions that beginners want to know include wanting to know why yoga is good for the body and mind. Practicing yoga opens up your energy channels and makes you more alert than ever before.

Your body awareness is also lifted, and you find yourself looking forward to your next yoga session. Research studies also suggest that yoga helps alleviate certain conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

Preventing Disease

Vinyasa and other types of movement help prevent high blood pressure by pacifying the sympathetic nervous system. Yoga also slows down the heart and trains the muscles to relax. Vinyasa is beneficial for reducing your risk of heart disease by boosting your blood circulation and respiratory system.

Vinyasa also increases your lung capacity and allows you to breathe deeper resulting in better oxygenation throughout the body. You can reduce your risk of asthma and diabetes with a combination of good nutrition and yoga poses. Yoga is more than a workout because it calms the mind and improves your sense of well being.

Vinyasa Features

Yoga also improves your flexibility, cardiovascular system and develops muscles. The best part about yoga is the fact that you do not need any special equipment to exercise. A yoga mat is a nice accessory, but you can get started with any type of padding.

It is recommended that you take classes with a qualified vinyasa yoga instructor before performing vinyasa in your home. Once you develop a habit of performing sequences, you will look forward to your next session. 

Flowing Yoga Postures

Yoga is a great form of exercise that builds stamina, endurance and flexibility. Sequencing flowing yoga poses increase the blood circulation throughout your body. This results in improving your energy level and health. It is important that you study yoga with an experienced yoga instructor who can help you perfect your poses. If you do not do the poses correctly, then the result could be injuries.

Popular Yoga Poses

The following poses develop strength and increase flexibility. The Triangle Pose strengthens the knees, thighs and ankles. The pose also stretches the shoulder, knee, groin, hamstrings and hip muscles. The Extended Side Angle Pose helps improve hip mobility for overhead presses and squats. The Downward Dog is a popular pose that stretches the ankles and improves mobility.

The Low Pyramid Pose is great for the hamstrings and strengthening the lower back. The Lunge Variations strengthen the legs and is perfect for people who sit all day at their job. The Forward Bend is perfect for stretching the buttocks and ham strings. There are hundreds of different yoga poses that benefit the body and mind.


Vinyasa is also good for the entire body, mind and spirit. You will feel less stressed out when you start performing poses on a regular basis. If you combine yoga with a healthy diet, then maintaining your weight will be easier. Other benefits of yoga include decreasing blood pressure, pulse rate and increasing your range of motion.

Many people who perform vinyasa also report sleeping better, an improvement in posture and an increase in energy. The poses may seem difficult when you are a beginner. However, with regular training, you will quickly learn how to pose the proper way. A yoga instructor’s feedback is important to prevent injuries.

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