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Can Yoga Reduce Community Violence

controlling anger
By Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 500

Yoga has matured over the years with its various techniques that not only help with staying fit but improving the quality of life as well. Yogis continue to discover the different advantages that the practices offer. Recently, there have been studies and debates over the effectiveness of asana methodologies in reducing violence in communities. Is it possible to curb violent tendencies through yogic practices?

Reducing Verbal Aggressiveness

One form of violence that is prevalent in young adults is verbal aggression. Verbal aggressiveness refers to the attack on an individual’s ideas and points of communications with the aim of inflicting harm. A randomized control trial by Sudheer Deshpande, H R Nagendra, and Nagarathna Raghuram published in the International Journal of Yoga, July 2008 indicates that asana practices help in reducing verbal aggressiveness. Yogic breathing exercises have been proven to help control, anxiety, depression, stress, and tension. These are factors that contribute to verbal aggressiveness in individuals. Learning how to calm oneself before communicating with other people helps to curb aggression.

Controlling Anger

Anger is another way violence manifests itself. Getting angry is typical for any normal person; what you do with that anger is what matters. Angry people characterize communities where members are prone to violence, especially the youth. Yogic twists do wonders in finding your calm and controlling anger before it gets out of control. The advantage with yoga asana is that the breathing is synchronized with the physical activities, which contributes in relaxing the body. A person reacting to an enraging situation from a place of calm is less likely to engage in violent behavior compared to someone that acts with a hot head.

Getting Rid of Bad Feelings

Negative feelings play a significant role in instigating violent behavior. Some life circumstances may leave an individual laden with feelings of frustration, undue pressure, dissatisfaction, and depression. Someone who is not at peace with his or herself is not likely to react well to bad situations. Pranayama practices can help with meditation, which is ideal in getting rid of bad moods. Of course, the emotional state of an individual and the methodologies in use will play a critical role.

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parvezbdjsr said...

Negative feelings play a significant role in instigating violent behavior and Yoga practices helps to control our negative feelings thus way yoga help to reduce community violence.